FeV's Mission

Why we are here

Create the Ultimate Lifting Experience

  • Better equipment, layout, and versitility. No more waiting for a bench or a rack. No more wandering around gathering plates. Cool lifting gear you won't find at commercial gyms.

  • Better community: bringing together fellow barbell benders.

  • Service included: Spotters instead of attendants.

Create Better Jobs

  • We support freelance personal trainers and strength coaches by providing a free place for them to train clients. Trainers & coaches click here to learn more. 

  • Spotters instead of attendants: better pay and engaged in serving members instead of being bored behind a desk all day. Our goal is to be able to afford to pay Spotters Austin's living wage.

Local Supporting Local

  • Everything possible resourced in Austin. 

  • Keep Austin's money circulating in Austin and supporting other small businesses. 

  • Not trying to add another centimeter to another corporate fatcat's yacht.


Finally a membership that includes service! Our Spotters are ready to help you configure the racks, rack and re-rack weight, spot a lift, wipe down equipment, answer questions, and shoot technique or PR pics or videos on your phone. At FeV, you'll get more than just "have a nice workout."

No trends. No fads. The optimal gym for lifters of all levels. It's a strong flavor that's not for everyone, but for those who prefer it, everything else tastes weak. If your workout flavor includes the squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead/military press, barbell row, cleans, snatch, etc.; you are going to love this gym.

No sign-up fees, no contracts, no hassles. Join our community of barbell and free weight lifters. It's so much more fun and motivating to be surrounded by other lifters doing it right.  

Locally, veteran, and lifter owned.