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Tony Wasicki

I was born and raised in El Paso, Tx and have been in Austin since 2009, and I have been a certified fitness trainer since 2011. Getting involved in martial arts was what sparked my fire to live a life of fitness and ultimately inspired me to live and serve a life of impacting others the way my first sensei back in El Paso impacted me. 
My certifications and specialties: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Specilist in Fitness Nutrition, ISSA Specialist in Strength & Conditioning, ISSA Specialist in Group Fitness, ISAA Specialist in Bodybuilding, ISSA Certified Master Trainer, Certified Dynamax Medicine Ball Coach. 
Aside from fitness, I love tattoos, musci, and I am a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Patrick Davis
Instagram @theillestpd

Hey everybody !   My name is Patrick Davis and I am a proud personal trainer at the best gym in Austin !

I truly love my job, and the opportunity to help people grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.   We will build not only your physique, but your resolve, your patience, grit and your self-confidence !   My clients are at every experience level, from beginner (until we meet!) up to very advanced lifters just looking to get from 95% to 100 !!

Talk to me about my client results, both in terms of strength, aesthetics, injury prevention, and improvement of both static and dynamic posture.   You won’t be disappointed !    If results are what you’re looking for, I’m your guy !    Tell me your goals and I will draw us a route to get there as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible.

I am certified as a NASM-CPT and also hold the NASM-FNS certification.    I began my training career with a year of clinical experience as the head physical therapy tech at Mondo Sports Therapy, assisting our doctors with administration of corrective exercise resistance training programs.   This deep anatomical knowledge of the body, both at rest and in motion, fueled my ability as both a coach and competitor and is a big part of the success of my programming today !

I also have significant experience as both a coach and competitor in NPC bodybuilding, so no fat loss or muscle gain goal is something I haven’t seen before !!   I also have significant experience in building various metrics of athletic performance — strength, explosivity, balance and conditioning.  I attribute this to a life-long athletic background, ending with a brief career on a Division 1 track program, the Virginia Military Institute, before ultimately leaving school to focus on my true passion — training you !!

Much love everybody !   Hope to hear from you and get you moving towards your goals!!

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Megan Henrich

My name is Megan, and I'm originally from Charleston, South Carolina. I moved to Austin in 2020 to pursue my Masters of Social Work at UT. Hook 'em!
I found a passion for fitness while in college. I fell in love with resistance training as a way to take care of my mental and physical health. 
Now, I'm a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and I am passionate about helping other women feel strong and empowered throught building muscle, lifting heavy, and living an active lifestyle. 
When I'm not training clients, you can find me at home curled up with a book or my guitar, checking out the newest coffee shop or restaurant, or out paddle boarding on the lake.

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Clay Edgin

(512) 619-5980

Instagram @biohackingandbourbon

Facebook @electricathlete

I train because everyone should know how good it feels to be strong. I'm passionate about strength because it made me feel like thig big body of mine, which I've felt shame about in the past, could be good at something outside of ainstream sports. I specialize in empowering people to find their own strength through thoughtfully designed programs and a coaching eye developed by over 10,000 hours of experience
I've been a trainer for 9 years and I was the former owner of Santa Cruz Strength in CA. Certifications include NASM-CPT, USAW L1, CrossFit L1, BirthFit Coach, NeufFit L1 and L2, and Rock Tape Cupping Cert. I've completed in 86 strength events in 6 countries since 2003. I've coached at 5 IPL World Powerlifting Championships, IWF Masters World Championships, 3 CrossFit Games, and the Mas Wrestling World Championships in Siberia. I'm also the Captain of the American team for Armlifting USA, a sport centered around grip strength, where I've earned 14 medals at numerous world championships and helped the Americans take #2 in the world. 
When I'm not training clients, I'm taking deep dives into learning about the nervious system (nerd alert), electromedical therapies, posting up at a patio bar, or paddlboarding.


Skyler Konger

Hi, I'm Skyler Konger. I'm passionate about exercise because I see it as a great way to take care of myself both physically and mentally. As a personal trainer, I want to help people feel better in these ways too. I work with clients every day to meet their general health, nutrition, and bodybuilding goals. 
I have a background in Nutrition and Supplementation with a speciality in Data Analytics from Indiana University and am NASM certified. I am an Assistant Coach at Level Up Physiques where I work with Tyler Fluitt, a well known trainer in the Austin area. Additionally, I'm a Men's Physique competitor in bodybuilding. 
In my free time, I'm keeping up with sports and fantasy football (go Bears!). I"m also a


Corey Jackson

Instagram @coach.coreyj

I’ve been in and around fitness for more than two decades when I first discovered strength training and cross training in 2000. I was a 29-yr-old mom of two boys (the youngest was 8 months), desperately unfit and overweight after a troubled pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum depression. Strength training and intentional nutrition saved me from long-term antidepressant use and gave me a new passion, as well as helping me lose 50 pounds and the strain of insecurity.

I went on to compete in two physique competitions and went back to college full-time to earn two degrees (BS Biology/Biochemistry, MS Human Nutrition). I was pursuing a pre-med track, but fitness and prevention always had my heart, and I could no longer resist it. 

Now I’m a CPT III (ACE), Pn1 Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition), Hormone Specialist (NCI) and Weight Management Specialist (ACE), bootcamp coach, cycle coach, and founder of Clear Path Fitness. I provide in-person and online fitness and nutrition coaching for women pursuing better health, fitness, and wellness. 

In 2019, I competed in my 3rd and final physique competition which accelerated my journey into perimenopause. My current research focus is the hormonal flux of peri/menopause, advocating for women’s health and wellness (in healthcare and research), and how to train through the menopause transition and beyond. 

When I’m not training other women or myself, I’m enjoying time with my husband, my now adult sons (the youngest is 21), and my goofy brown dog. I’m also a devoted pour over coffee fan, a novice artist, and a hopeless wannabe blues singer. 


 Dustin Pekar

Instagram @dustin.pekar

How many times have you questioned your purpose, your abilities, your destiny? For the longest time those questioned swarmed my thoughts. My journey was quite nomadic. From my early years as a collegiate football player, to a successful career in oil and gas, to selling product for a reputable health supplement brand, to where I am today - a Personal trainer and professional sweat dealer. Each stepping stone in time held a common theme: I loved working hard, teaching others how to do the same, and creating relationships that allowed me to watch others succeed. 

Lets discuss the elephant in the room. Yes, I’m 6’ 225 lbs, and often an XL shirt is too small. I can thank my “personal approach”  to my dad who, at the age of 15, handed me a copy of  Arnold Schwarzenegger's “How To Build a Chest Like A Fortress.” I know, cheesy, but it sparked a passion. It was then I started building my knowledge in exercise science and nutrition.  Unbeknownst to me, this would be the first step towards living my purpose, capitalizing on my abilities, and achieving my destiny of educating others in fitness and nutrition.

For the past 15 years I have soaked up knowledge like a sponge.  From nutrition, exercise modalities, supplements, adding muscle / losing fat;  You name it, I've studied it! Just like you, I have my own physical goals. While my goals and yours may differ, it’s my passion that will show you how to attain them.  I've worked with all shapes and size, men and women, young and old. The goal is constant - helping each individual achieve a mind and body that makes them healthy, happy, and self confident..

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