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Came fo FeV this past Monday for the first time to check it out after following them on Instagram for a little bit. They did not disappoint, after one lifting session at the Iron Vault I immediately canceled my membership at the YMCA in Buda and went back to FeV to sign up for my monthly membership here, it's a longer drive to get to the Iron Vault but it's worth it. Not saying that the YMCA is bad at all, it's just different with a focus on different things, the Y is great for families or if you want classes and a pool. 

If you just want to LIFT FeV is your place. the equipment is immaculate (it's brand new so that makes sense) the folks who work there are great, they keep the place clean and are very attentive and are ready and able to give you a spot if you need it. There is something about this place that just makes you want to push yourself and progress, get that one extra rep, put up just a little more weight, work just a little harder. I look forward to continuing my progress and better myself at this gym. 

Brett C

I absolutely love the Iron Vault! The facility is clean, has new equipment, plays good music, and the staff are friendly! If you're looking for a weight lifting gym without the crowd, check this place out!

Sabrina U

This gym reminds me of my high school fieldhouse! Just straight clinging! The spotters (Brandon, Ryder, and Jose) are really helpful and have awesome customer service skills. The best part about this gym is that it's still a hidden gem (see what I did there). 

Brandon R

You can't go wrong with this gym. It's got all you need to get strong and grow those muscles. The staff are helpful and friendly. The price is right, no contract, initiation fee, just pay that first month and get after it! The place is clean and comfortable. A big shout out to James for making this gym happen and being friendly!!!

Mike A

Great iron local gym located in much needed south Austin area off of Ben White/Manchaca Road. Amazing weight room with brand new weights, squat racks, deadlift platforms and a very nice locker room as well. All the base bars are top of the line Rouge power bars, and great atmosphere and wonderful staff make this gym an awesome place to lift. Come check it out! 

Mark S

Can't believe I didn't know about it sooner, brand new and everything is there.

Morgan T

Fantastic gym. Everything you need to get a great lift in! They have spotters, someone who will rack your weights (but please rack your weights!) and someone who will record your lifts so you can make sure you have great form. 

Laura L

Super chill environment but the help is there if you need it. Hidden location but I kind of love it. Rack or racks on racks so the odds of one not being available when you need it are slim. Great gym!

Marisol G

Super clean and organized! Amazing facility and the equipment is sooo nice. Really enjoyed the spotters as most gyms just have a front desk associate but this gym has "Spotters" that go around and spot you, re-rack your weights, film or take pictures if needed. Awesome gym! Highly recommended!

Josh J

I'm a novice gym goer and this place is great. I was looking for a place focusing on more barbells than machines and Iron Vault is awesome! I feel safe lifting with their equipment. 

Attila B

I'm an active Athlete in Powerlifting, Jiujitsu & Judo. I'm a Army Veteran and Service Member in the Air Force Reserve now. I do part of my lifting training at this amazing gym. Friendly atmosphere, positive environment, helpful staff, One if the things I like about it is cleanliness. The gym itself reminds me of my high school gym. It had everyting you need. I highly recommend if for any beginner, currently athlete or just those who are looking to continue their fitness journey. I live up and Round Rock, and drive the 40 mins to come here. That's how much I love this gym. 

Javis G



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