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As a lady lifter, I was skeptical about the douchebags I might encounter, but everyone was pleasant and focused. My home gym is a garage style gym so I was a little worried they'd have the AC blasting. I HATE lifting like that. But the temp is always just right. This gym knows lifting. Normal things are there like water fountains, showers, lockers, bands and mobility tools. They even have liquid chalk for everyone!  If you’re looking for a laid back place for people who go hard, this is it. 

Olivia G

I've lifted for awhile, so I've been to a lot of gyms. Iron Vault is by the one I'm most comfortable lifting in. Everyone follows basic gym etiquette. You know that guy who uses equipment as furniture and just texts the whole time? Yeah, they don't have that guy here. Even if they did, there's twelve benches. I haven't had to wait around on chest day yet.

Ben Mikola

I haven't been lifting for that long, but I don't feel out of place. There's a lot of different kinds of people here. And I love how simple it is. I go there to lift weights. They've got that part nailed down.

Dan Kras

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Riley Jones