FeV Mask Policy

Spotters, Members, Trainers/Coaches, and Guest Lifters are required to wear face coverings while at Iron Vault Gym UNLESS:

·         one finds it difficult to breathe during or immediately following an exercise;

·         while consuming liquids;

·         and while remaining at the same rack, platform, bench, etc. where you are able to remain at a safe distance from others.

In all other circumstances, within reason and common sense, face coverings are required.

In accordance with City of Austin Executive Order No.  020200617-014

"The health and safety policy or plan must require, at a minimum, that all employees and visitors wear face coverings while on the commercial entity's business premises or other facilities expect in the following circumstances: 

a. when the person is alone in a separate single space, whether indoors or outdoors; 

b. when the person is in the presence only of other members of the same household or residence, whether indoors or outdoors;

c. when doing so poses a greater mental or physical health, safety or security risk; 

d. when the person is outdoors engaging in an allowed activity while alone, or with only members of the same household or residence, or while maintaining a consistent separation of six feet or more from others and engaging in conduct authorized and as allowed by Governor's Order GA -26 or subsequent executive order; or 

e. when the person is eating or drinking in a restaurant or bar.”



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