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Meal Plans

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Lifting alone will not help you reach your goals. You must fuel your body correctly to gain strength and muscle and/or lose fat. You can learn how to meal plan for yourself here, or let FeV do the heavy lifting for you.

The FeV meal plan is inexpensive, fast and easy to prep, primarily organic, high fiber, and effective. Discipline means results. Effectively gain muscle, or lose fat while sparing muscle. New lifters can gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously.  

Plans include a convenient grocery shopping list, and all items available at the HEB on William Cannon and Brodie.

Semi-custom, time-refined, templated meal plan customized to your nutritional needs based on your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). Note: plan includes use of meat, dairy, and oats and bread that contain gluten. Check ingredients in the grocery list sample below to ensure no allergens. Formulas based on Michael Matthews' book Bigger Leaner Stronger and is not intended to serve as medical or nutritional advice. Discuss with your doctor if you have special medical or nutritional diagnoses, issues, or needs. For optimal results, the formulas may need to be customized slightly for those with particularly fast or slow metabolisms. More customizable meal plans are available by a variety of other sources.

Initial plan: chose bulk for maximizing gains, cut for losing fat, or maintenance to keep what you have. Initial plans are $50 or included in FeV Heavy Membership. If you’re new to lifting and have a low body fat percentage (<12%), chose bulk. If you’re new to lifting and have a body fat percentage >15%, chose cut.

Phase shifts: been bulking for a while and ready to lose the excess fat? Cutting for a while and ready to begin gaining? Reached your ideal weight and body composition (congrats!)? Phase shifts are $30 or included in FeV Heavy Membership.

Tweaks: Been bulking for a while and need to update your macronutrients intake? Fat loss with cutting starting to slow? Make a tweak to your current plan to meet your body’s changes for $20 or included monthly with FeV Heavy Membership.

Get yours here:

Initial plan

Phase switch

Plan tweak

What you’ll need:

  • A good blender

  • A kitchen scale that measures grams and ounces

  • A liquid measuring cup up to 16 ounces

  • Your weight and body fat percentage or just your TDEE, and goal (bulk, cut, or maintain).  

Plans expect one “cheat meal” per week. Don’t go nuts (especially if cutting), but you’ve never enjoyed a special meal like you will when sticking to a plan!

Grocery list:

Organic bananas x14

Central Market Organic Baby Spinach x1 16 oz

HEB organics mini peeled and cut carrots x1 16 oz

Organic apples x7

Nature’s Own Life 2x Fiber bread x1 loaf

HEB select quick oats

HEB organics orange juice x2 gal

Central Market Organics Vitamin D whole milk x1.5 gal

Horizon organic low fat cottage cheese x1 16 oz

Organic chicken thighs and/or shrimp and/or salmon 1.75lbs total

*Won’t need to purchase every week

HEB organics unsalted butter



Sea salt or iodized salt (for meat—only items salted)

HEB organics stevia leaf extract

*Optional Bragg Liquid Aminos (often sold near vinegars)


Why are meals labeled 1, 2, 3, etc. and not breakfast, lunch, dinner?

  • Because people keep different schedules. Workout early in the morning? Consume the pre and post workout meals in the morning, and “meal 1” for lunch and “meal 2” for dinner. Lift mid-day? “meal 1” is breakfast, pre and post workout meals mid-day, and “meal 3” is dinner. Etc.

Are there vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free plans?

  • Not at this time. Consider seeking another source or learn how to meal plan for your specific needs and preferences.

Why so high in carbohydrates?

  • Carbohydrates are the fuel your muscles burn in weight training. Fats are used sparingly but present in this plan primarily to ensure your body can absorb fat soluble vitamins.  

Why is the protein intake higher in the cut plan than the bulk plan?

  • In attempt to keep as much muscle as possible while losing fat. If you’re new to weight training, you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time with the cutting plan. More experienced lifters seek to keep the muscle they have earned while losing fat.

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