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Stronger gym, stronger you.

Strongest gym in Austin

Built by Lifters for Lifters

Here's what you get with us:

  • Employees called "Spotters" who are happy to spot you and help in any way

  • 24/7 access so you can work out whenever you want 

  • 12 racks and 6 platforms so you never wait to bench, squat, or deadlift again

  • Racks and platforms loaded with plates so you never have to search or borrow them from the next rack

  • Weights are always back where they belong so you never have to look around for the other dumbbell again

  • Free community use chalk, Theragun, smelling salts, deadlift jacks, and more

  • Specialty barbells and equipment you won't find in the big chain gyms

  • Temperature and humidity controlled ideally for weight training

Here's what you DON'T get with us: 

  • No upselling

  • No sign-up fees

  • No contract

  • No cancellation fees

Unless it has to do with lifting, then we don't have it. Hell, we only have a couple cardio machines. Cardio is great, but we're all about lifting here. Learn more about the Iron Vault

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What are others saying?

"What a breath of fresh air from the traditional globo gyms! Every single piece of equipment is new and top notch. No expense was spared in outfitting this place – which clearly shows a great amount of pride in the business they have built. It is a gym geared towards pure weightlifting so you won’t find battle ropes, sleds, or weighted tires. There are a couple cardio machines and plenty of space if you want to do a little finisher lung burner.

The vibe is SUPER chill. As a lady lifter I was a little skeptical about the douche-baggery I might encounter. I’ve been multiple times now and much to my chagrin everyone was pleasant, focused, and the douchery non-existent. My home gym is a garage style gym so I was a little worried the indoor gym would have the AC blasting, which makes lifting uncomfortable for some folks (myself included). Indoor temps on all my visits has been kept just right, not too colds, not too hot. Another small detail that clues you on the quality of the place.

Standard things you expect in a gym are there such as water fountains, showers, lockers, bands and mobility tools. They even got liquid chalk for community use! If you’re looking for a comfortable and easy going place to get strong AF, definitely check this place out."

Olivia G

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Frequently asked questions

What's the vibe like?

We tried to make it as close to a professional weight room as possible. Everyone is laid back and friendly, but everyone goes hard. Nobody tries to sell you anything. We don't even play music with ads. It's the perfect lifting environment.

What kind of people go here?

We have new lifters and experienced lifters. Everyone is welcomed and supported. If you like lifting weights, then we like you.

Is there somwhere I can stretch?

Definitely! We have a spot to use our bands, foam rollers, and other mobility equipment. 

How clean is your gym?

The Spotters frequently wipe down all equipment and make sure every plate and dumbbell are where they belong. We don't really have to worry about this though, since our members already treat the gym like it's their own.

Do you have showers

Yes. Clean bathrooms, showers, and lockers.

Do you offer any classes or training?

We have amazing freelance trainers for hire. We also have FREE lifting clinics every other Saturday, but no classes otherwise.

Do you have personal trainers?

Yes, we have many freelance trainers and coaches who train their clients at FeV. They are self-employed, go-getter, bad-asses! Give us a shout if you'd like help connecting with the right trainer for you. If you are a trainer and would like to train clients RENT-FREE, click here to learn more

Is it hard to cancel a membership?

Absolutely not! Just email from the email you have on file with us and request cancellation. That easy. 

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Lifting Hours

Monday - Friday:  7 AM - 8 PM

         Sat - Sun: 9 AM - 4 PM

Anytime 24/7 for members

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Get In Touch

2101 W Ben White Blvd #105
Austin, Travis County 78704
USA (Back side of the building facing Redd Street and Joslin Neighborhood Park)

Thanks for submitting!

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